Monday, April 7, 2008

A Successful Protest Starts At Airport?

So, the flame is coming to America, and other communities of World Interest, and the Ambassador to the United States from China has said a few societal misfits will not stop the short, typical Communist China PROPAGANDA as can be witnessed by the presentation of today's events in France on their own Olympic website. In the meantime, it would seem to me, that perhaps the best way to hold a successful Free Tibet protest should start at the local airports...after all, it's a bit hard to miss the Chinese Torch Team landing! Not very many planes flying around the friendly skies with this particular LOGO on them now is there? Look for the plane...wouldn't everything else unfold from there, including lodging knowledge...if you see the plane, you know when they land, where they land, what vehicles they get into, can follow them to their overnight is not rocket science.

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