Thursday, April 3, 2008

May 18th Race Discussion Day...Skip Church

Trinity United Church of Christ's bigoted minister Jeremiah Wright spoke HATE from the pulpit, and rightfully many Americans are upset that such speech is tolerated. Instead of rebuking the man, leaving the church Obama embraced the man...EXCUSE ME. Now, the national United Church of Christ seems to be embracing Jeremiah Wright's words, coming to his and his church's defense today, and condemning the media for going after the man...has Jeremiah Wright been treated any different than say Imus? Give us a break, his nappy headed whore comments PALE in comparison to some of Jeremiah Wright's statements against people of color who happen to be WHITE.

As a part of their diatribe, seems the National Church of Christ is now calling for the nation to join as one on May 18th to have/begin the GREAT RACE TALK...curious Reverend John Thomas, President of the United Church of Christ, do WHITES get to help build the agenda for this discussion, or are we supposed to just sit back and listen to bigots like Jeremiah Wright toss insults and hate at us? Is your church going to call for an end to reverse racism and Affirmative Action, or are we Whites going to be told we need to keep paying, keep being treated as second class citizens to pay for the sins of people long ago dead?

Lastly, are you defending the church, and Senator Obama's decision not to leave the church for POLITCAL GAIN? The Catholic church hit the LOTTERY supporting George W. Bush in 2000, and your stance on these matters seems motivated by CHURCH GREED rather than a true concern for justice, and seeing that a man who made bigoted statements atone for his actions. You want to defend HATE as the President of the United Church of Christ, then you are no better than Jeremiah Wright, no better than Obama who has refused to rebuke a man who speads hate. Sitting here, I have to think the reason why Obama is winning is not because he is the best candidate, but because the media is afraid of being labeled bigots and racist if they truly VET the man.
UCC calls for nationwide race discussion

By CHRISTOPHER WILLS, Associated Press Writer 58 minutes ago

CHICAGO - The United Church of Christ, the parent denomination of Barack Obama's church, announced Thursday that it will begin a conversation on racial issues beginning next month in response to sermons by Obama's pastor that were critical of the U.S.

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