Thursday, April 3, 2008

Obama Refuses Whitey A Photograph, Then Assaults Him

We each have our own interpretation of events. I watched the video of yesterdays event wherein Obama refused a request by a white man for a photograph, saw Obama refuse to obliege the man's request, then saw Obama ASSAULT the man. Not satisfied, Obama then had his Secret Service thugs intervene...In short, Whitey gets refused...wonder if the man would have gotten his photograph with Obama if he had been a Black Man? You can watch the video and draw your own conclusions on the event. Click here.


iPOPA said...

Uh. Did you watch the video? Did you listen to it? It's clear that Obama didn't want to give the guy a photograph because he had been rude, and Obama referred to him "as that Ebay guy," which leads me to believe Obama wasn't too keen on giving his autograph to people who sell it. I dunno. But at the very end, he agrees to the picture, and it is taken. I would have punched him like a paparazzi if he had tried to harrass me like that.

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