Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Vatican's Pedophiles Pope Lands in America...Who Cares

CNN and other news services are pissing themselves as the Pope's plane touches down in America...who the fuck cares? First, the overwhelming majority of Americans ARE NOT CATHOLICS, do not embrace their beleif system, so the fact the Pope makes a visit to America should not be something that monopolizes the news cycle...give the man his 30 second spot and be done with it already. Secondly, the Catholic priesthood is still filled with a bunch of child molesting pedophiles, the church has not adequately atoned for its sins, so who cares that the Pope has landed...he can take his GAY BOY Red Prada shoes and stick them up his holy ass...sure it would not be the first time something probed his backside.

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Anonymous said...

thats the best thing i have ever seen written about the pope,,,they should burn the pedophile leader and all his protected gang and put the burning on live t.v then the world will be a better place