Tuesday, April 22, 2008

John Wayne Would Endorse Hillary Clinton, The Woman of TRUE GRIT

Never say never...face it, against all odds, despite the press trying their best to throw the Democratic Election to Obama, Hillary has persevered, weathered the attacks of a man who out spent her by 2 even 3 to one and won Pennsylvania...simply stated, even with 92 percent of the Black vote going to Obama simply because he is Black, Hillary Clinton has bitch slapped him, won decisively! John Wayne would Endorse Hillary Clinton because she does have TRUE GRIT.

Super Delegates need to wake up...Obama has won a lot of RED STATES that will be RED in the fall. Hillary has and is winning the states that are the base of the Democractic Party, and if the DNC wants to keep its base, they will choose Hillary Clinton as our delegate.

To the Clinton Netizens...Hillary needs our support FINANCIALLY, and needs it right now! Visit her website and make a donation today. Support Hillary Clinton

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