Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Poll-Original Rockers Leaning Towards McCain-Not Surprising

Her Grades Were Not Good Enough to Get Her Into Princeton, but Her Brother's Basketball Skills and Affirmative Action Were Enough to Get Her In...Same With Harvard...She Got In Because of Reverse Discrimination That Set Aside a Seat Based On Her Skin Color. Can we say nepotism, reverse prejudice?
A recent poll by Jacobs Media's Media/Technology has found original rockers (think Led Zeppelin) are more likely to vote for John McCain...what they fail to address is the why of that choice. Simply stated, we are the generation that has been forced to pay the price of Affirmative Action, have been the ones who lost a job through no fault of our own, but because we were born with the wrong skin color, lost a seat at a university, or did not qualify for a grant or smll business loan, again because we were born WHITE.

Let's not kid ourselves, Obama's speech was horrid, and has popped a seething angry boil for many 45-60 year old white men who have paid the ultimate price for Affirmative Action, and the equal rights movement. We for some 35 plus years have been the victims of reverse racism, and Obama's calous remark , "typical white person" has many of us saying ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Couple that with his wife's anger, her lack of gratitude for the opportunity she was GIVEN, not opportunity she EARNED, and the Obama's are not going to win the White House if we have a say in the matter.

I am no different than many white blue collar workers...Hillary Clinton gets the nod to run in the fall, I vote Democratic, Obama gets the nod, and out of protest, John McCain gets my vote, John McCain gets my wife's vote. We are tired of paying the price for Affirmative Action, tired of being told to shut up while illegal aliens steal our jobs, tired of being treated as second class citizens.

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