Wednesday, April 9, 2008

China's Public Relations Nightmare Ruining IOC Image-Monk's Successfully Ruin Olympic PR Tour

If the IOC had any sense at all, they would simply CANCEL the entire Olympics, not just the World Flame of Shame Tour. China is finding out really fast that the world, and those they oppress can out gun them in the world media! Tibet and their followers are delivering a mighty FUCK YOU to the backwards thinking oppressive thugs inside the Chinese Political Machine, ruining China's COMING OUT PARTY and the Queen of the Ball is looking more like an ugly gorilla throwing a temper tantrum because they cannot have their way. In yet another public relations nightmare, China's Olympic Media Tour was sullied as clever monks successfully intervened, using the opportunity to SPEAK TRUTH to OPPRESSION. Look for all hell to break loose today in San Francisco as the Flame of Shame makes its American debut! FREE TIBET!
Monks Disrupt Media Tour in China
Reinhard Krause/Reuters
Monks Disrupt Media Tour in China

In a public relations setback for China, Buddhist monks interrupted a tour for reporters in western China.

Anxious San Francisco Braces for Torch Protests

The Olympic torch extravaganza could become a civic migraine in the face of potential protests against China.

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