Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Olympics...The World's Chance To Smack Down China

China's government thinks they are above anything, their wish the world's command, as is exhibited by their reaction to the torch attacks. They have stated. "No Force can stop their Olympic Flame of Shame Relay". Is that so China? They have also threatened SEVERE retaliation should Tibetans interfere with the Flame of Shames march through Tibet to Mount Everest. Well, the world can SMACK CHINA down, put them back in their place, show them that public views and sentiments can TEACH THEM A LESSON, bring GREAT SHAME to their nation, and do it simply and effectively.

A) Attack the flame at every stop, protest its route of shame every step of the way.

B) Boycott the Olympics...citizens of the world can financially CRIPPLE the Chinese Olympics by CANCELING their plans to attend the Olympics! Don't Go! Don't Go! Don't Go!

C) Formally Boycott the Olympics...pull your teams, refuse to attend or march in the openning ceremony...imagine and opening and closing event where the athletes themselves simply REFUSED TO MARCH.

D) Plan disruptions and acts of civil disobedience AT EVERY OLYMPIC EVENT.China vows to keep torch on track

Seven protesters were arrested after the San Francisco action

Bridge protest
Beijing has said "no force" can stop the Olympic flame relay, as it faces protests on the US leg of its journey.

Seven demonstrators have already been arrested in San Francisco after tying "Free Tibet" banners to the cables of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The flame arrived in the city early on Tuesday amid heavy security, following anti-China protests in Europe.

International Olympic Committee (IOC) members will discuss the torch relay in meetings in Beijing in the coming days.

IOC President Jacques Rogge said he was "deeply saddened" by the protests in London and Paris and concerned about the next leg of the flame relay in San Francisco.

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