Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Coming Republican Swift Boating of Obama

OK, we all know that the Democratic race has gotten ugly, and that Obamaniacs are using dirty tactics in a wrongful attempt to get rid of Hillary. Biggest on in their bag of tricks, is to try to screw her out of her wins in Michigan and Florida, trying to disenfranchise the voters who went to the polls to preserve their party rules and hierarchy...let's not forget, Hillary Clinton's campaign offer to raise the money to hold a revote in the two states, and it was Obama and some of his black pundits that went to the airwaves crying FOUL...WHAT IS HE AFRAID OF?

However, for now lets put all that aside and look at the reality of life come September. Obama will be SWIFT BOATING, thus handing the election to John McCain, and the Republicans will have an easy goal of it. The ammunition?

1. Obama's cocaine, weed and drug habit. Further, since he has already admitted to USING DRUGS, there is a very good chance in his youth that HE SOLD DRUGS, it is not that wild of a leap.

2. Rezco, and the whole real estate deal. Are the Democrats STUPID ENOUGH to think that Obama is not going to get sullied in the trial in some fashion, that the whole HOUSE DEAL isn't going to come back to HAUNT HIM?

3. The while Jeremiah Wright, Otis Moss III race baiting episode, and the fact that A) Obama lied to America, B) stayed in the church for TWENTY YEARS, and C) refused to rebuke the racist bigot Jeremiah Wright and distance himself from the man.

4. His own racist, prejudiced remarks, IE "typical white person".

5. His own wife's racist, prejudice remarks, IE "First time I have been proud of America".

6. Many of the states (and delegates) Obama has won are RED STATES that he will not carry in the fall election.

Face it Chairman Dean, you put up the paper tiger in Obama, you are handing the White House to the Republicans.

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