Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Female Nazi's at Jezebel!

Jezebel is making itself over, and as a part of that make over, they have decided to become RACIST against ALL MALES. In explaining their new look, and the new rules they announce that NO MEN CAN POST COMMENTS. That's right, seems you can read the blog as a male, but you are not allowed to COMMENT, will have your posts instantly deleted by some Female NAZI Gestapo male basher there to guard the gates of this female sanctuary. Seems I recall females going to great lengths to BASH DOWN THE DOORS of all male places and spaces not to long ago? Talk about a bunch of bigoted cunts. Yes, I used the C word! See rule five on commenting which states:

5. Be female.
It's lovely and adorable that we have some male readers. This is not, however, an appropriate space for your input. Jezebel will no longer have male commenters.

Talk about condescending! Talk about censorship! Talk about a bunch of female feminist PIGS! What's next, Goosestepping Female Soldiers marching down Fifth Avenue in New York to ban men from their shopping areas? They had serious ISSUES with men having their own spaces, but now think it fine they have MALE FREE ZONES? Give us a BREAK, there cannot be double standards where females say do as we say, not as we do.

UPDATE...seems the women over at Jezebel intended their post as an April Fool's day joke. Sorry, there are certain things that are not funny, certain humor that shows the true self. The post was tasteless, and out of line.

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